Bơm thủy lực 728619E - 150 MPa

Hydraulic pump 150 MPa The 728619 E is a two-stage pump suitable for use with SKF Supergrip bolts and for the mounting and dismounting of bearings or components where a maximum pressure of 150 MPa (21 750 psi) is required. The pump is supplied with a 3 000 mm (118 in.) pressure hose, quick connect coupling and mating nipple and pressure gauge. The pump is filled with SKF mounting fluid LHMF 300, is supplied with an extra litre and is protected in a sturdy metal case.

Các loại bơm thủy lực dẫn động bằng khí nén THAP 30, 150 và 300 MPa

SKF THAP 30,150,300 MPa The THAP E air-driven pumps and oil injectors are available in four different pressure versions. They are used for mounting and dismounting OK couplings, for dismounting large pressure joints such as bearings, flywheels, couplings, railway wheels and in many similar applications. The pumps consist of a high pressure hydraulic pump, driven by an air piston. The units are supplied in a sturdy case including oil suction and return hoses with quick connect couplings. The air driven pumps can also be supplied in complete sets which consists of pump, pressure gauge, high pressure pipe and connection nipples.
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